Chilly bits

October 18, 2019

Its been a great summer using our pool but the temp has dropped and it takes a big effort to get in it to swim. For this reason We are getting a pool heater so I can swim daily throughout the year.

It's been fun shooting in the warm weather and I still have lots to put up so keep watching. Back in the uk soon to shoot some new scenes but not looking forward to the cold weather

More of Eva

October 01, 2019

Hi boys and girls sorry it's been a while since blooging. Just to let you know I have been shooting some hot new content coming soon to the site. From lingerie sets to toys and BJ's. Hope you enjoy

Have been advertising for models to come out to my villa in Spain to do more in the next few weeks and I can't wait to get more pussy and cock lol

Hola from Spain

September 06, 2019

Hi there boys and girls. I am now in Spain and finally getting back to work after a needed break after moving. I hope to have lots of new material soon so keep a look at. 

I will be shooting at our villa in Spain and also returning to UK to work and shoot some fan vids.


Summer dreams

March 11, 2019

Can't wait for the summer to start filming again outside and at last the days are getting longer. Work has been quiet because of the industry shut down due to a health scare but I have been busy editing lots of content so new stuff still coming out. Hope to have some good shoots with some of the top boys and girls in the industry so keep watching.

I do have plans to do more fan videos so feel free to message me on Twitter to ask all about it.




The rain in Spain

February 16, 2019

Just retured from Spain and it looks like a move is in order. I love it there for all sort of reasons. I will still be shooting and visiting the uk on regular trips so don't worry. Work is a little quiet due to a health scare within the industry which has closed a lot of studio's. Sexual health is so important to me so I support the industry in shutting down but can't wait to get strarted again.

I will be planning a bit of a tour in the summer so keep a look out on here and twitter for the towns I will be visiting. I will be meeting fans and maybe a couple of them will get to star in a fan video.

Eva xx

January blue's

February 01, 2019

Not a bad month work wise despite the weather. A new shoot done for Escort Mag which will come out later in the year. A couple of fan shoots that I really enjoyed and planning more soon. Off on holiday soon so I hope to shoot some scenes in Spain. 

Can't wait for the days to get longer and crave for summer. Hope to visit Scotland so will plan a some shoots in the north and make plans to meet my northern fans.

Eva xx

Fancy a lick

January 14, 2019

Happy New Year to you all and I hope your season was an enjoyable. A bit of a slow start to the year but I will be busy making new content and uploading soon. Lots of idea's for scenes and naughty scenerios. Let me know if you would like to see anything specific. Off to Spain in February so hope to shoot some naked beach scenes whilst there. 

looking to do some new fan video's and always to meet fans socially for a coffee and a photo signing. Not looking for any more fans at the moment for video's as I have quite a back log lol

Looking this year to shoot some more hot pics for top shelf mags so look out for them in the shops. 


Greedy girl

December 29, 2018

Wowww what a Christmas. Had a fantastic festive season and looking to start the new year with a bang. Lots of content to edit and upload so look out for all my new movies and photo sets they will be coming soon. 

2019 will bring lots of horny agent missions with performers and some lucky fans so looking forward to lots of hot sex.

I will be blogging more in the new year to keep you up to date with my goings on. Both with work and some personal news as well for all those wanting to take an interest in the real Eva.

You can message me on twitter with any requests or questions so don't be shy xx

I'm an agent of porn

December 17, 2018

My first blog to the site and I'm really excited about my website and my place in Agents of Porn. I will love feedback from my fans on twitter on scenes they want to see and what they like and dislike. I love my work and i hope that comes across in what you see. I will try to update my blog weekly and upload new content too. Than you to all those that are supporting my site and Agents Of Porn xx

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