August 2010

I received an email from the casting agency Nina gold to say they working on the casting of a series for American television for HBO called GAME OF THRONES and that there was a character in it called AREMCA who worked in a brothel and there was a scene in which her boss - played by Aiden Gillen - asks her to have sex with another girl in front of him, in which he angrily accuses them of not being convincing and then talks them into having sex more sensuously. They had attached a script and had written to ask if I would be interested in auditioning. They had also wrote that I would be asked to enact the scene fully clothed on tape and that material would be sent to the HBO producers.

I called up the agency and spoke to the casting associate for the project who explained everything to me in detail and we arranged for me to go an audition the following week. I had enact the scene from a few angles just by myself. This was all filmed. About 2 weeks later that I got a call back saying I had got the role of Armeca. I was really excited as this was my 1st foray into mainstream TV all be it playing a prostitute

Mid sept 2010

I had to fly Belfast to rehearse the scene with the actress who would be playing Ros. I also got to meet with the writers David and Dan who ran as through the scene with us and told us how they saw the scene playing out. We ran through positions that would look good/ work etc on camera. At the same I also met with the wardrobe/ hair and makeup department. I was going to have long hair in the scene and they had to check and fit the hair piece I would be wearing.

October 2010 Flown to Malta to shoot

The 1st scene I was in with Ros was shot in Malta. On the day I arrived I was taken on straight to the location 1st and into hair and makeup to get my hair dyed to match the hair piece for the scene the following day. On the morning of the shoot it was an early pick up to be taken to the set straight into hair and makeup. I had my own trailer to chill out it when we weren't filming. We had a dry run through the scene fully clothed to check camera angles and positioning. When they started filming the actual scene it was a closed set as there was nudity involved. If you weren't required on set you had to leave. A closed set still involved over 15 people, from assistant producers, producers and the runners. It was a very long and hot day on set. Nearly 12 hours from getting picked up in the morning to getting back to the hotel in the evening. The actual scene when it was aired was less than 5 minutes in duration

April 2011

I was asked back to shoot for season 2. This time the scenes I was in were going to be shot in Belfast.

August 2011

I flew to Belfast for 2 days of shooting for season 2. It was another long day 2 days same as the 1st scene I was in. 2 scenes were shot during the day on day 1 and the following day was a night shoot. It was bitterly cold day and night on set as it was windy and raining on both days In between setup and takes we all kept warm by huddling in front of the blow heaters on set on in the trailors provided

I had a fantastic time. Everyone was great. People think that you get to meet lots of famous people and party with them. That is not the case. You meet the people who are immediately involved in the scene you are in and the extras who are in the scene. People I did meet were Petyr Baelish played by (Aidan Gillen), Ros played by (Esme Bianco), Bronn played by ( Jerome Flynn) and the Hound played by (Sandor Clegane) who were directly in the scenes I was in.

Scenes as I was in

Season 1 (2011)
You Win or You Die episode 7

Season 2 (2012)
The North Remembers Episode 1
The Night Lands episode 2
Blackwater Episode 9

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