Intimate, sensual, close-up delight!

Intimate, sensual, close-up delight!Length: 6 mins. 38 secs.

I love to tease, so I want you to watch me sensually play with my juicy pussy with my fingers and my glass toy.  Cum right up close and watch me part my pussy lips for you and slide my toy slowly deep into my tight, juicy pussy, speeding up and playing with my clit until I climax in pure ecstacy

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Stepdaughter caught with her toys! Taboo Roleplay

Stepdaughter caught with her toys! Taboo RoleplayLength: 7 mins. 7 secs.

Stepdaughter caught playing with her sextoys by he stepmom who joins in the fun. Taboo roleplay with Chloe Toy

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Luring you into bed with me

Luring you into bed with meLength: 15 mins. 50 secs.

I've been waiting for you in my hotel room wearing sexy knee high boots and a black lace lingerie.  Let me lure you onto the bed with me as I gef off on teasing you.  Legs spread, close up pussy spreading and deep pounding... 

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Close up Fucking on the boat!

Close up Fucking on the boat!Length: 18 mins. 4 secs.

Cum join Lily Cade and me on a canal boat in London, get right up close to us as we finger fuck each other and reach intense orgasms in all the naughtyiest positions!

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By The Lake In Wanstead Park - no soundtrack

By The Lake In Wanstead Park - no soundtrackLength: 3 mins. 7 secs.

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In The Woods Of Wanstead Park - no soundtrack

In The Woods Of Wanstead Park - no soundtrackLength: 2 mins. 42 secs.

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Tricking petite Chloe Toy onto the Fuck Machine

Tricking petite Chloe Toy onto the Fuck MachineLength: 8 mins. 6 secs.

Model Chloe Toy thinks she's coming for a regular lingerie shoot but little does she know that I am expanding my business and I want her to model alongside a brand new fuck machine.  But I can't resist the temptation to have her demonstrate it for me first as I test out the machine's different speeds and vibrations and watch it pound her tight pussy until she cums all over the toy!  

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Tina Kay & I Return To Dr.Lacey

Tina Kay & I Return To Dr.LaceyLength: 33 mins. 15 secs.

After I failed to deceive Dr. Lacey during my last visit she now invites my friend Tina and I back to her office to play us at our own game!

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How To Deal With A Bitchy Photographer

How To Deal With A Bitchy PhotographerLength: 19 mins. 47 secs.

Rebecca the photographer is far from pleased when she learns that I lied about my experience in glamour modelling and cannot strike a sexy pose. However, her bitchy attitude gets her into trouble with her boss Lacey who teams up with me for a sweet revenge – thing escalate quickly and we end up fucking each other in a horny GGG threeway! The type of shoot that is much more to my liking

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Do I Get The Job?

Do I Get The Job?Length: 26 mins. 31 secs.

When I came for a job interview with Rebecca I was expecting her to have a look at my CV and quiz me on my skill set as a personal assistant – but instead she wanted a demonstration of a much naughtier skill set so she took me to her bedroom to teach me exactly who she likes it! Super horny Girl-On-Girl action where Rebecca takes full control over me and things get very hot and steamy! Would you hire me to be your PA?

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Play time with Madlin Moon

Play time with Madlin MoonLength: 13 mins. 45 secs.

What can I say? Madlin and I just can’t keep our hands off each other whilst Ricky Stone films our play time!

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Stepsisters in uniform!

Stepsisters in uniform!Length: 10 mins. 39 secs.

Skipping school I’m hiding in the green house wearing my super short school uniform reading an erotic novel I stole from my step sister Madlin’s room. On her way to cheerleading practice Madlin notices me playing with myself in the greenhouse and lets me in on a little secret – it’s turning her on! Cum look up the skirts on our super short uniforms as we lick each other out in our secret hiding place!

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Bush wank

Bush wankLength: 4 mins. 54 secs.

Last winter I grew the hairy bush back and here I am, vaping and wanking on my fur like a natural Viking princess

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DressUp, StrapOn - with Madlin Moon

DressUp, StrapOn - with Madlin MoonLength: 18 mins. 1 secs.

It’s coming up to Halloween and my friend Madlin needs help choosing which sexy costume to wear to a party. She tries a few on that leave little to the imagination but I have spotted something in her room I’m much keener on her to try on! Watch us strap-on fuck each other till orgasm in multiple positions (POV)

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First time with Luna

First time with LunaLength: 17 mins. 27 secs.

I’ve been so excited to spend some private time in the bedroom with my girlfriend Luna so when we finally get the chance it makes out for passionate sensual love making with plenty of kissing - both sets of lips! In the height of our passion when I have my face covered in her sweet juices I also let her in on my kinkiest fantasy!

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Dominated By Luna

Dominated By LunaLength: 18 mins. 17 secs.

Having let Luna in on my kinky fantasy during or first sensual playtime together she is ready in her thigh high boots to make my kink come true. On entering her bedroom Luna blindfolds me and proceeds to get out the implements to treat me like her little submissive toy. Super sexy femdom strap-on scene

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Dr.Lacey Meets Tindra

Dr.Lacey Meets TindraLength: 26 mins. 48 secs.

The scene that got me my 2018 Shafta award! After my college friend Tina Kay told me about her exciting visit to Dr Lacey I came up with a cunning plan to get the doctor to give me the same treatment. But Dr Lacey suspects that I may be up to something and things take a naughty turn! Super hot scene from Shafta award winning series ‘Dr Lacey Sextherapist’

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Wanton Witches Wand Fuck!

Wanton Witches Wand Fuck!Length: 7 mins. 40 secs.

Charlie and I are two wickedly kinky witches and when we are done with casting spells on innocent boys and turning flaccid cocks into solid wood there is nothing that we like more than stripping down to just our capes and stockings and getting very amorous, kissing passionately whilst caressing one another’s tits and of course like every witch worth her salt we think nothing of using our magic wands for the most sinful of things, especially orgasms and it’s a simple enough spell to perform...

Just take two very wet juicy cunts in a state of sexual arousal and push them very firmly together. Place one very powerful magic wand in the middle against the clitoris and then start kissing, sucking nipples and grinding hard together until you can both taste one another’s magical cunt juices on your fingers...

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Not your standard secretary

Not your standard secretaryLength: 4 mins. 4 secs.

A girl in a white blouse and a black pencil skirt is not a sexy secretary guys. She is an ordinary secretary. An ordinary secretary comes to work, but a sexy secretary cums at work!

I’m the sort of secretary that likes nothing more than getting naughty in the office to entertain my boss. Dressed in a revealing skin tight leather dress I can often be seen with my legs apart flashing my little black panties or whipping my big boobs out to give them a cheeky squeeze and when I’m feeling really, really filthy I’m quite inclined to lay on my back, spread my beautiful long legs wide and rub my pretty pussy all over the bosses desk.

Now THAT is a sexy secretary.

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I like it big and black...

I like it big and black...Length: 5 mins. 31 secs.

Everybody has the occasional “I wonder if I can?” moment right!

One morning I was sitting on my couch in just my underwear and a pair of heels and I had just gotten a brand new, black dildo. I like them big and black but this dildo is different to my other ones. Its curved and its ribbed down its entire shaft.

Lubricating it with my mouth I pull my little red panties to one side and starts teasing the toy into my wet pussy.... and I wonder if I can take the entire length. Slowly pushing it further and further until the dildo is buried deep inside my creamy cunt

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Playing with Indian beauty Sahara Knite's pussy an

Playing with Indian beauty Sahara Knite's pussy anLength: 22 mins. 38 secs.

When I finally got my hands on Sahara Knite, a gorgeous beauty with a banging body and a filthy mind, it really was hands on... everywhere!

From the second we start kissing we start stripping each other with our hands and lips all over one another’s tits, kissing, licking and sucking erect nipples up to the moment that Sahara invites me to film her as she goes down on my creamy wet pussy.

Tasting my own cum on Sahara’s lips and feeling as horny as hell I gets Sahara on all fours with her luscious fuckable booty in the air and tongue fuck her pretty little arse hole.

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Fucking on the football field!

Fucking on the football field! Length: 3 mins. 44 secs.

Picture the scene. It’s a beautiful day and you are walking across a London Park when suddenly you spy two girls sat in the middle of the football field making out in the distance. You casually walk in their direction and as you get closer you notice that they are kissing. In fact they are so engrossed in one another that they don’t even notice you as they start to become hornier and hornier until suddenly to your delight you see one girl pull the others panties to one side and slide her fingers into her lovers soaking wet cunt... you can’t believe your luck as the kissing continues, the legs are spread wide in full view of everyone close by and the finger fucking becomes deeper and more vigorous. Eventually one of the girls, unable to control herself reaches a loud, intense orgasm, cumming hard right in front of your very eyes.

That’s me and my American lover Lily Cade!

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Public Fucking in the Woods

Public Fucking in the WoodsLength: 7 mins. 51 secs.

My gorgeous American fuck buddy Lily Cade and I certainly have a thing for fucking in public places and being horny little devils we decamped to the relative cover of the woods.

There she backed me against a tree, pulled my short dress to the side and sunk me to my knees as she started to tease my swollen clitoris with her tongue!

There are people so close by you can actually hear them talking as I cums! Triple orgasm fuck fest

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Hard Lesbian Pussy Pounding

Hard Lesbian Pussy PoundingLength: 5 mins. 57 secs.

Lily Cade and I know only too well how to make each other cum!

In the privacy of Lily’s canal boat cabin we finally have a free rein to get filthy and dirty as Lily has me on all fours whilst she finger fucks my willing, wet pussy with one had and rubs hard on my swollen clitoris with the other, bringing me off to a monumental orgasm.

Its all boobs, booty and lustful wet cunts with orgasms end to end and absolutely nothing is left to your imagination

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Kinky Pinky Promise

Kinky Pinky PromiseLength: 8 mins. 51 secs.

Everybody loves a dirty little secret, especially kinky minx Madlin Moon who caught me on my bed with hands pushed down into my little black panties one afternoon!

Rather than make any trouble naughty Madlin decided she would rather like to watch.. Who wouldn’t? So we made a pinky promise to keep it our dirty little secret.

Of course Madlin couldn’t resist lending a helping hand. We start kissing and its not long before the panties and the little dress ore off and Madlin has worked her way down to my already very wet cunt...

The result is one hell of a sexy fuck fest as two very dirty girls explore every inch of one anothers gorgeous bodies on the way to an extremely explicit and orgasmic sixty nine.

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Do you ever knock before cumming in?!

Do you ever knock before cumming in?!Length: 7 mins. 35 secs.

Roxi Keogh and I are having a very naughty sleepover when horror of horrors Roxi’s stepbrother walks in to the bedroom only to find us both in our underwear kissing on the bed. Game over right?


We’re kinkly little fuckers so we decide to let him watch and boy oh boy do we put on a show. Naturally the sight of two horny girls slowly kissing and sucking on each others beautiful tits proves to much for the poor boy, but we are too turned on to stop even when we notice that he has started wanking himself off. I know right! The dirty perv is wanking and we just keep fucking

Roxi and I leave nothing to his imagination burying our pretty faces between each others legs and the filthy talk starts flying as we go to town on each others juicy wet cunts with a vibrator..... right up until her step brothers dad walks in!!

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Reading Erotica!

Reading Erotica!Length: 10 mins. 22 secs.

Have you ever felt so horny whilst reading erotica that you had to masturbate? I mean throw your head back, bite your lip and wank yourself silly? Well I have! It caused me to start touching myself in such as way that I became overwhelmed by the urge to take all of my clothes off and sink my fingers into my pretty wet cunt! Not that you have to imagine it, you can see it right here…

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Strip Tease

Strip TeaseLength: 5 mins. 30 secs.

Watch me strip out of my lingerie till I'm only wearing my sexy stilettos, whilst I shake my booty and show off my curvy body and huge boobs! Let me tease you till you cum!

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